Protect an acre of rainforest on behlaf of a loved one

You can make a positive change and give a lasting gift by protecting an acre of rainforest on behalf of your loved one. Your gift to the planet and your loved one will be recognized on our site together with the protected area.

It costs approximately Rs. 6 lakhs (US$ 2,000) to purchase and permanently protect an acre of privately held rainforest. Your gift will help protect many endemic and endangered plants and wildlife within these unprotected rainforests that may be lost forever if no action is taken. The freshwater streams originating from these forest lands not only help the wildlife but also directly sustain the livelyhoods of thousands of villagers downstream.

To Donate, please visit our donation page. Once the donation is made, please email to provide your name and the name of your loved one on whose behalf you made the contribution so we can acknowledge your gift.