Completed Projects - 7.5 Acre Primary Forest added to Protected Buffer Zone of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest

On October 14, 2021, Rainforest Protectors Trust together with funding provided by MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd and MAS Active Trading (Pvt) Ltd, successfully completed the purchase and permanent conservation of a privately held highly biodiverse 7.5 acre rainforest directly bordering Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest and within close proximity to its main entrance gate. The forest was in immediate danger of being clearcut for expanding tea plantations that has resulted in severe deforestation in nearby area. Through timely action, Rainforest Protectors Trust, MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd and MAS Active Trading (Pvt) Ltd was able to permanently protect the land under the Trust.

This beautiful land directly borders the Northern boundary of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest and within 500 meters of Conservation Land #2 protected by Rainforest Protectors Trust last year, thus extending the protected buffer zone. It consists of giant endangered native trees such as Hora (Dipterocarpus zeylanicus), with a beautiful pristine water stream bordering one side. The area is home to the endangered Sri Lanka Blue Magpie and Red Faced Malkoha, two beautiful birds found nowhere else. Mammals living in the area include porcupine, sambur deer and wild boar. The area is also visited by the last two remaining rainforest elephants of Sinharaja. Therefore, it has a high conservation value and by protecting this unique habitat we have taken a step forward towards creating bio-diversity corridors between Sinharaja and nearby fragmented rainforests as well as protecting our catchment areas.

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Thanks to both MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd and MAS Active Trading (Pvt) Ltd, for their full support towards this project as part of the company's efforts towards Environmental Sustainability.

Signing the legal documents to purchase the land at Kalawana, Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka.