Completed Projects - 4 Acre Riverine Conservation Forest adjoining Kudawa River

On November 30, 2018, Rainforest Protectors Trust successfully completed the purchase and permanent conservation of a highly biodiverse 4 acre rainforest directly bordering Kudawa River in the buffer zone of Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest and within close proximity to its main entrance gate. Due to many years of deforestation and forest fragmentation, Sinharaja rainforest has lost all the rivers that once flowed through it. Through this purchase and subsequent planned projects, Rainforest Protectors Trust aims to rebuild the lost riverine ecosystem and gradually connect with the core rainforest.

Link to Google Maps:

Closing of the purchase of 4 acre forest tract under Rainforest Protectors Trust

Since the purchase, Rainforest Protectors Trust regularly visited the land, continuing its monitoring process to ensure the forest remains protected. Further, a live (green) fence creation process was initiated through its volunteer based conservation organization Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka to secure its boundaries while enhancing the ecosystem.