Corporate Sustainability & Rainforest Conservation

Corporate Sustainability Projects can play a major role towrads conservation of rainforests. Rainforest Protectors Trust has worked with several leading companies including MAS Active Trading (Pvt) Ltd and MAS Intimates (Pvt) Ltd to protect real acres of rainforest high in bio-diversity that were previously privately held and in danger of being clearcut. These forest lands are now registered under the Trust and permanently protected forming a crucial buffer zone around Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest.

We also invite other companies to join this initiative and help save the natural heritage of Sri Lanka. Today, most major companies and even smaller companies give back to the community to improve the living conditions of all. With climate change having an ever-increasing negative impact due to extreme weather conditions including severe droughts, floods, landslides, decreasing pollinators and poor soil due to ecological damage, protecting our rainforests that regulate the climate, improve the soil, provide freshwater to local communities and for agriculture is more important now than ever.

Call (+94)777288814 or email to discuss more on how to align your company's sustainability goals with work carried out by Rainforest Protectors Trust.